About Us

We're Dan & Marissa,

and we understand that some messes are too big to tackle alone. Whether you're a property manager, a homeowner, or a family member, sometimes asking for help is the right solution.

With nearly a decade of specialized cleaning experience under our belts, we have the know-how and work ethic to power through even the stickiest situations. From old furniture to yard debris to years of kitchen grease, we're up to the task.

We pride ourselves not only on our hardworking nature, but also on our customer service. We always maintain a respectful, judgment-free attitude no matter the situation. At the end of the day, we are here to help.

Dan Lombardo & Marissa Fernandez
Two Long Dogs LLC

Licensed, bonded, and insured - because doing things the right way is the only way.

Meet the long dogs!

are two dogs long and half a dog tall. Each of us frequently hears the question, "What kind of dog is that?" And honestly, we have no idea.

They're short, they're funny looking, and they're vaguely sausage-shaped. That's good enough for us!

Charlie & Gravy