Hoarding Cleanout

Cleaning out a hoarding situation is a monumental task, but there is help.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with hoarding, regardless of whether it is your home or that of a family member. Where do you even begin, and how long will it take?

Oftentimes, the stress of going it alone simply isn't worth it. Asking for help can get things back on track quickly and offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Hoarding cleanout is not a one-and-done solution to what is ultimately a mental health issue. However, it can provide you or your loved one with a safer, more habitable living space and better quality of life. There is no shame in reaching out.

One of the more laborious aspects of any cleanout is the recovery of valuables and personal items. Sorting can take time and effort but we are committed to saving as many items as we can, if you so choose.

Perhaps you have a list of belongings you'd like us to look for, or maybe you're willing to let us take the lead in identifying what is salvageable. No matter your preference we always strive to balance efficiency with diligence, keeping a watchful eye out without sacrificing a steady pace.

Some items you may want recovered can include:

We work with you to recover valuables and set aside belongings for safekeeping.

Preserving What Matters Most

  • photographs and home movies

  • documents and paperwork

  • electronics

  • collectibles

  • firearms

  • artwork

  • money

  • clothing

What to Expect

Hoarding cleanout is a multi-step process. We begin by removing all obvious garbage and any unusable objects. We set aside personal items, anything on an established list of things to retrieve, and also any items that need to be sorted into 'keep' and 'dispose' categories.

Once the affected areas are clean of debris, we get to work on cleaning surfaces. Kitchen, bathrooms, floors, dishes, and anywhere that might need a good scrubbing. If needed we will remove soiled carpet and padding, as well as cover any contaminated sections of subfloor with sealing and odor-blocking primer paint.

We always perform a final walkthrough to make sure the home is as clean as you want it to be. You ultimately have control over the scope of the process. If there are elements of the cleanout you'd like to add or remove, we're more than happy to accommodate. Our biggest priority is your satisfaction with the end result.

Cleaning out a home can be a complex process. We cover more than just the basics.

Making a World of Difference

Below you can view a number of before & after photos from completed jobs.

Ready to start cleaning?